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ALBA Radio w/ Maya

Los Angeles, 24.06.24

''In the Western world, improvisation is a failure; you do it when something goes wrong. But when black people improvise it's a form of mastery.''

Art by Christopher Fodera


  • 0:00:07
    Nikki & The Dove
    Ode To The Dance Floor
  • 0:07:37
    Hot Chip 
    Shake A Fist
  • 0:12:47
    New Order (Shep Pettibone mix) 
    Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Tirzah 
    No Romance
  • Nasty Cherry 
    What Do You Like In Me
  • Lush 
    I Have The Moon
  • Beat Happening 
  • Belle And Sebastian 
    Your Cover's Blown
  • Le Tigre 
    Eau D' Bedroom Dancing
  • Kate Nash 
    Life In Pink
  • Alex G
    Sum Secret
  • Glue Shoe
    What’s To Come
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers 
    Pretty Little Ditty