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ALBA Radio w/ Windshield Jones

Los Angeles, 26.07.21

In the Western world, improvisation is a failure; you do it when something goes wrong. But when black people improvise it's a form of mastery.


  • Michael Urbaniak
    Rien Ne Va Plus
  • Jan Hammer Group 
    Don't You Know (Mono)
  • Low Motion Disco 
    Low Italian Déssert (Try It Out)
  • Michele Mercure 
    Liberation Day
  • Talaboman 
    Brutal Chugga-Chugga
  • Patrick Cowley 
    The Runner
  • Hatchback 
    White Diamond
  • Tony Allen, Jeff Mills 
    The Seed
  • Patrick Holland
  • Theo Parrish 
    Serengeti Echoes
  • Rest Corp 
    Love It TBH
  • John Carroll Kirby
    Sending Not Seeing
  • Khotin 
  • Pal Joey Presents Expression
    Ancestral Groove (Original Mix)