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Aldous RH

Manchester, 09.01.21

With Aldous R. H.

Old psych jams, soul, folk-rock and generally all-round pleasant radio sounds from Aldous RH. Once a month from our Manchester studio - tune in…


  • Tuxedomoon
    Reeding Righting Rhytmatic
  • Chris & Cosey 
    Talk To Me
  • Smoke E. Digglera
    Sustain (Interlude)
  • Smoke E. Digglera
  • Jacob Mann 
  • SFV acid 
    Art And Drawings
  • Ceramic Hello 
    Climatic Nouveaux
  • Severe Girls
    Insomnia's House
  • Sadistic Enterprises
    Theme From Municipal Decay
  • Palais Schaumburg 
    Ahoi, Nicht Traurig Sein
  • The Flying Lizards 
    Her Story
  • The Lunacy Of Flowers
  • AB2088 
    Human Advancement
  • The Lines 
    Part II