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Romeo Taylor

Manchester, 15.08.22

With Aldous R. H.

Romeo Taylor covers for Aldous RH.


  • Romeo Taylor
    Main Menu
  • Romeo Taylor
    You’ll Miss Those Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
  • King Tazzy
    This Is The Day
  • Herbert Powell 
    Business Dracumen
  • Sniffany & The Nits 
    Chicken Liver
  • Guided By Voices 
    I Am A Scientist
  • Antique Pony
    Horny In The Morning Light
  • Cindy Lee
    I Don’t Want To Fall In Love Again
  • Coki 
    All Of A Sudden
  • Deerhoof 
    Last Fad
  • Kaputt 
    Gone West
  • Rapid Tan
  • Jesse Rae 
    Over The Sea
  • Cotton Crown 
    Wretched Lie
  • Leash
    Under The Knife
  • Romeo Taylor 
    The Kingdom Of Scotland
  • The Undertones 
    Teenage Kicks