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Alexander Nut

London, 25.08.20

With Alexander Nut

Eglo Records' main man Alexander Nut joins NTS every other Tuesday evening for some slick late night futurism. Broken beat, soul, and whatever else happens to take his fancy.


  • Dillinja 
  • DJ Peshay 
    Latin Jungle
  • Cold Mission (4 Hero mix) 
    Music Is Music (Share My Love) (4 Hero Remix Wid Niles Hailstone On Trumpet)
  • Nookie 
    Tribal Dance
  • Justice
    Blame Remix
  • The Sentinel 
  • Dillinja 
    Sovereign Melody
  • Potential Bad Boy 
    Jungle Sound Scape
  • Mega Nugz 
    MESS AROUND (Cool Down UK)
  • Kush Jones
    Super E Break
  • Swap Meet!
    Bootleg Everything
  • Kush Jones
  • Manix
    You’re Dreaming
  • Skream 
    Disfunktional Minds
  • Jon E Cash 
    Cash Combo
  • Kush Jones
    Worldly Rhythm
  • Dj Swisha
    I’m So Hi (Feat. DIYR)
  • Dj Swisha X OSSX
  • Garneau
    Pistol Grip
  • DJ Danifox 
    Esquadra FB
  • DJ Python 
  • Mike Dunn
    Let’s GO!
  • Krush Groove 
    The Fear
  • D-Base 
    When U Luv Me (2-Step Mix)
  • Large Joints 
    Down On You (VIP)
  • Horsepower Productions 
    What We Do (Remix)