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Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda

London, 13.04.21

Widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, Alien Jams is hosted by label boss Chloe Frieda, with an interest in new and emerging artists


  • Inkasso
    Schöner Hausen
  • Georgia 
    Story Scene
  • Pauline Anna Stom
    The Pulsation
  • N
  • Beachers 
    Of Signs And Symbols And Misunderstandings
  • African Ghost Valley
  • Neo Geodesia 
    Typhoon Ω Moni Mekhala
  • Speaker Music
  • Teresa Winter 
    Motto Of The Wheel
  • Wilted Woman 
    Bubbling Again
  • Ondness 
    Maria No Raver
  • Church Andrews
    Parallels B4
  • Flaty 
    Init Ignit
  • Jamaszka FT 
    Tajemnicza statuetka
  • Exeal
  • Recsund
    Data Safe In Dreamspeem L
  • Jon Hassell 
    Vernal Equinox
  • Opta
  • Patrick Belaga feat. Kai Kight 
  • The Frenzied Bricks 
    Vicious Circle
  • Interchain (Interstellar Funk mix) 
    On Air (Interstellar Funk Remix)
  • Transllusion 
    Disrupted Neural Gateway
  • Nick Klein And Wilted Woman
    Cafe Kotti (Side B)
  • D.K. 
    Going Into Trance