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Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda

London, 21.08.16

Widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, Alien Jams is hosted by label boss Chloe Frieda, with an interest in new and emerging artists


  • Traag 
    Tropical Fruit
  • Outer Space 
    Arrival And Assessment
  • Massimo Pilla
    M_Funken (Spliced)
  • Liaisons Dangereuses 
    Los Niños Del Parque
  • Brassfoot 
    Black Pow Wow
  • Phycic Warriors Ov Gaia
    War Chant
  • Brassfoot 
    Retune & Runaway
  • R
    Zone - Houz Nation
  • Xosar
    Rainy Days Juno Jam
  • Alex Stark
    94 K
  • Doppleereffekt