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Alien Jams w/ Chloe Frieda

London, 31.08.21

Widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, Alien Jams is hosted by label boss Chloe Frieda, with an interest in new and emerging artists


  • Maxwell Sterling 
    Speaking In The Tongues Of Angels
  • Claire Rousay 
    Peak Chroma
  • Oï les Ox 
    Qui Dit Play Dit Pique
  • Nick Malkin
    Intro/ Exchange
  • Broshuda
    Pagoda (Feat. Manta)
  • Sofie Birch/ Johan Carøe
    Connotes Beauty (Original)
  • Janet Beat 
    Echoes From Bali
  • Animalistic Beliefs
    Ojo De Las Grayas
  • Peder Mannerfelt 
    Squarewave To Heaven
  • Fear
  • Pessimist 
    Empty Words
  • J
  • Yaws 
  • De Schuurman 
    Fermina Style
  • Karen Gwyer 
    Common Soundproofing Myths
  • Recsund
    The Dunez Dancer
  • Sailingwing 
    Be Prepared (To Devour Your Enemy)
  • Perila 
    Resonating Body
  • Sea Urchin 
    Asa (Tahtib Tehbat)
  • Lucy Railton + Kit Downes
  • Beyond The Clones
    Beyond The Clones Vs Bulbous Nausea
  • Extractor Fan
    The Street Is A Void In The Sequence
  • Nochexxx 
    Vision Feet
  • Identified Patient feat. Sophie Du Palais 
    The Drip