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Alien Jams w/ Nick Klein & Wilted Woman

London, 14.05.19

Initially started as a radio show, London-based Alien Jams has since evolved into a record label, event series and more - widely exploring sounds across experimental electronics, industrial, electro, EBM and noise. The label from founder and DJ Chloe Frieda has long nurtured local artists and released music from rkss, Wilted Woman, Karen Gwyer, Beatrice Dillon, YAWS, and oMMM.


  • Nick Klein, Wilted Woman 
    Side B
  • Iceboy Violet
    An Untitled Longing
  • Beachers
    A Capella
  • Dome 
    Cruel When Complete
  • Majestoluxe 
    Abnormal Antibodies
  • Eliza B.C. 
  • Ondness 
  • [. .(].
  • Phork 
    Juice The Stick
  • Bedouin Ascent 
    Ancient Ocean II
    Essence Of Spring (Side A Excerpt)
  • Tt
    Dans Sous
  • Dinamarca 
    Praise The Lord
  • Unknown
    Isocco Performance From 1997 Curacao International Song Festival
  • Nick Klein
    Domingo Movie Music 2
  • O Yuki Conjugate 
    Another Journey
  • DJ Puddle
  • Rupa 
    Aaj Shanibar
  • Yoshihiro Hanno 
    On/Off (Yoshihiro Hanno Edit)
  • Keller G 
    Empathy Stalk & Sain
  • Silvia Kastel 
  • Ossia