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All Night Flight - Folkways Special

Manchester, 16.07.23

A winding journey through the catalogue of All Night Flight's Stockport record store, spanning from modern classical and free-flowing jazz to a wide soundscape of dark ambient, folk and techno… with All Night Flight, anything goes!


  • --:--
    No Artist
    Rain Sequence With Crickets And Toads
  • 0:00:50
    Ann McMillan 
  • 0:05:10
    Sonic Contours
  • Bilal Abdurahman 
    Sounds Are All Around Us
  • Various
    Reit Im Winkel (Austria)
  • Chuj Indians 
    Violin And Guitar At Market, Restaurants And Bars
  • Alfonso Cruz Jimenez 
    Merecumbe (Last Night I Dreamed Of You)
  • Various
    La Miguelena (Mexico)
  • Various
    Mayupatapis Tiyani (I Live On The Bank Of The River) (Peru)
  • No Artist
    Voices (Cable Car Soundscapes)
  • Various
    Sirbu Sirki Tangla (Music Of A Sherpa Village)
  • Various
    Historical Song (Chay Dalim) (Music Of Vietnam)
  • Maung Su 
    Flower Of Heaven
  • Shirak Folk
    Dance With Tara 2214 (Armenia)
  • Jim Nolmann
    Froggy-Went-A-Courting 300 Turkeys
  • Edith Hillman
    Go To Sleep, My Dear
  • The Pygmies Of The Ituri Forest, Colin M. Turnbull, Francis S. Chapman 
    Lukembi And Solo Voice
  • Unknown Artist
    La Fête Rose (Haiti)
  • Various
  • Bilal Abdurahman 
    Rhythm For Mime With East Indian Harmonium Or Banjo