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Aloha Got Soul Presents: Home Grown w/ Roger Bong & Oliver Seguin

Hawaii, 23.11.20

An exploration into obscure, underground, and lesser known music from Hawaii, bound not by genre or generation but by a connection to the islands.


  • Gregory Leupp 
    Adventures In Paradise
  • Higher
    Aloha Lani
  • Irma Juarez
    My Kamani Tree
  • Martin Denny 
    Quiet Village
  • Gary Graham
    Mad Mad World
  • Ava 
  • Doreen Baptiste & Ka Uhane
    Sure As The Sun
  • Joe Tarantino
  • Haleakala 
    Honolulu City Lights
  • Randy Parker 
    The Gingers Are Blooming
  • Soul Bossa Trio 
    He Loves You
  • Society Of Seven 
  • Dae Han 
    Honolulu Jazz
  • Kat O1O 
  • Seprock
  • Konishiki feat. Layzie 
    Livin' Like Kings
  • Quantic 
    The 5th Exotic