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Aloha Got Soul Presents: Home Grown w/ Roger Bong

Hawaii, 31.08.20

An exploration into obscure, underground, and lesser known music from Hawaii, bound not by genre or generation but by a connection to the islands.


  • Jason Gay
    Jackdaws Playing In The Water
  • Lopaka Kapanui / Shoji Ledward
    Section 8 Haiku
  • Aaron Aranita Featuring The Brent Fischer Orchestra
    Sierra Leone
  • Washburn 
    Ornamental Smile
  • 3rd Stream
    320 Kukui Street
  • You’ll Get Used To It
    Unknown Track
  • Lopaka Kapanui / Shoji Ledward
    A Pagan Tattooed Savage
  • The Rhythm Summit
    The Ubiquitous One
  • Seprock
    Kona Windz
  • Eddie Suzuki 
    City Of Refuge
  • Joy Demain 
    Baby, Won't You Touch Me
  • Jah Gumby And Songbird Remos
    Love Lives Here
  • Likkle Jordee 
    Stay Home Order
  • Eddie Suzuki 
    City Of Refuge
  • Raw Wire Posse
  • Inner Journey
  • Mike Kahikina
    Hawaii Is Beautiful