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Andras - Old Gold pt.5

Melbourne, 05.01.22

With Andras

All flavours of acoustic & historical nuggets from Andras - Melbourne production wiz, composer & sleuth of musical ephemera…


  • Bob Hudson
    The Pyromaniac (Excerpt)
  • Lana Cantrell 
    Who Are We?
  • Mark Davis 
    Benalla Song
  • Kevin Shegog 
    Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine
  • The Flanagans 
    Look At It Now!
  • Bob Hudson 
    Also Sprach Zarathustra
  • Marian Henderson
    Van Diemen’s Land
  • Joan Martin 
    Pioneer Lady
  • Gary Atkins 
  • Fisko & Friends 
    Just Yesterday
  • ???
    Wayfaring Stranger
  • Igor Wakhevitch 
  • Strafe F.R. 
    Run To Seed
  • Sun City Girls 
    Hatchling (Folklore Of The Nest)
  • Peter O’Shaughnessy
    Convict’s Oath
  • Renaldo & The Loaf 
  • François Tusques 
    Les Fleurs Du Grand Cronope
  • Starved 
  • Chris Gregory
    Luffy’s Lament ルフィの嘆き
  • Ssaliva 
    Fall W Me
  • Soluble Fish 
    How Not To Spend All Your Money By Saturday Night
  • A.R. Wilson
    Metal, Want, Die
  • Pornosect 
  • Michael Gibbs And Simon Fisher-Turner
    Delphi Chasam