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Andy Butler / Hercules & Love Affair w/ Orion Agassi

Hailing from the Asturias region of Spain, Orion Agassi has become a favorite of DJ’s everywhere, emerging as one of the most exciting versatile producers putting out dance music today. With his roots in hip-hop, not unlike the forefathers of the house and techno scene, Agassi’s productions are versatile, ranging from freestyle and breaks to house and techno. Inspired by DJs who incorporate Spanish vocals into their productions, like Chile’s Mamacita, his tracks are contributing to a worldwide appreciation of an underground and previously underrepresented contemporary Latin sound. They are fiery sonic experiences with massive dance floor impact, making them a joy for DJs to play. Largely self-promoted and breaking through at a moment when people are so receptive to the breadth of Latin music, Orion Agassi is sure to continue to win over DJs and audiences with his music and performances in the coming years.


  • Azucar Moreno
    Bandido (Orion Agassi Edit)
  • Orion Agassi
  • Orion Agassi
    Club Sahara
  • Orion Agassi & DJ Bert
    Kalimba Del Norte (Orion's Mix)
  • Orion Agassi
    Lo Tuyo Fue Un Vacileo
  • Orion Agassi
    Nuevo Ritmo
  • Megansito El Guapo
    Un Papa (Orion Agassi Remix)
  • Vin Sol 
    Bold Will Hold
  • Orion Agassi 
    Mira Papi
  • Servicios Integrales De Discoteca
    Visa Em (DJ Prisma Edit)
  • Gaspar Muniz
    Unreleased Edit
  • DMX Krew 
    120 Suspicion
  • Ritmo Astral Edits
    Discoteca Rap