Andy Butler / Hercules & Love Affair

Ghent, 01.03.19

With hercules and love affair, Andrew Butler

Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair joins us once a month to showcase his diverse record collection.


  • Robotiko Rejekto
    Transform Synthesis
  • Blancmange
    Feel Me
  • Body Party
    New Beat Situation
  • Fred Ventura
    Slow Reaction
  • Bleep
    The Conway Saddle
  • Force Dimension
    Aqua 2000
  • Pip Archer
    Time To Boogie
  • Danielle Baldelli & Dj Rocca
    Kachiri (Ivan Smagghe Edit)
  • Za Talent
  • Hey Mother Death ( MR TC mix )
    Deranged My Love - MR TC Remix
  • Bagarre
    La Gouffre (Yan Wagner Belgian Trip)
  • Job Sifre
    We Are Monsters

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