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Angel Bat Dawid w/ Black Monument Ensemble

Chicago, 23.11.21

With Angel Bat Dawid

Monthly vibrance & light from the Chicago based composer, pianist, clarinetist & jazz oracle.


  • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble 
    Sounds Like Now
  • The Pyramids 
    Mogho Naba (King Of Kings)
  • Jamael Dean
  • The Eternals (Damon Locks)
    Espiritu Zombi
  • Alex Isley 
    When It Rains
  • Weldon Irvine
  • Peter Collins
  • Keith Murray 
    The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World
  • Dizzy Gillespie 
  • Ben LaMar Gay
    Me, Jayve & The Big Bee
  • Ben Lamar Gay 
    I Be Loving Me Some Of You
  • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble 
    The People Vs. The Rest Of Us
  • Louis Armstrong 
    Back O'Town Blues
  • Ben Lamar Gay
    Touch Don’t Scroll (Feat. Ayanna Woods)
  • Rev. CJ Johnson
    A Charge To Keep I Have
  • Eddie Gale 
    Look At Teyonda
  • Nathan Davis 
    I Believe In Him
  • Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble 
    Barbara Jones-Hogu And Elizabeth Catlett Discuss Liberation
  • The Fantastic Violinaires
    Tell Me How Long
  • Duece Ellis, Jamal Gasol
    Whoodini In The Kitchen
  • Nenah Cherry 
  • Tomin
    Life Revisted
  • Ornette Coleman 
    Lonely Woman