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Angel Bat Dawid w/ DJ King Rico

Chicago, 09.05.23

With Angel Bat Dawid

Monthly vibrance & light from the Chicago based composer, pianist, clarinetist & jazz oracle.


  • George Clinton, Parliament, Funkadelic 
    Swing Down Sweet Chariot
  • Oui Ennui
  • DJ King Rico
    Toxic Love
  • DJ King Rico
    Summa Wake Up
  • DJ King Rico
    Stay In The Light
  • DJ King Rico
    Look At Me
  • DJ King Rico
    Wave Vibrations
  • DJ King Rico
    Bold Moves
  • DJ King Rico
    Drift Away
  • William Grant Sill
    Land Of Romance
  • Fantastic Violinairs
    Tell Me How Long
  • Joy Guidry
    Almost There
  • World Saxophone Quartet 
    Funny Paper
  • Lost Boyz 
  • Nathan Daivis
    6th Sense In The 11th House
  • Deitrick Haddon 
    Live The Life