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Anthony Chalmers

London, 09.11.20

Anthony Chalmers, promoter of Baba Yaga's Hut at Corsica Studios as well as Raw Power Festival, visits NTS for a monthly showcase of his heavy collection, which spans jazz, dub, stoner rock, psych and experimental music.


  • Beachers
    What Cloud
  • Ben Chatwin 
  • Bilge Pump 
    The Passion of the Kid
  • MoE
    On The Road
  • Mike Bourne
    It's Not Too Late To Turn Back
  • Part Chimp Feat. Colin Webster
  • People's Princess
    Off Script
  • Petbrick
  • Rival Consoles
    Where Are You Now?
  • Taman Shud
    Psalmody Of Verdure
    No Solace In Sleep
  • USA Nails 
    Character Stop
  • Melt-Banana 
    Spider Snipe