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London, 27.01.21

DJ and illustrator, anu, coming directly to your airwaves every other week, offering you positivity and light directly from her living room. Expect a lot of Japanese deep dives, soothers for your soul, guitars to make you kick and…the unexpected!


  • Deb Never
    Someone Else
  • Jose
    Tomorrow Is Gone
  • Margo Guryan 
    Why Do I Cry
  • Antenna
    Seaside Weekend
  • Infinite Bisous 
    Racist Ucle
  • Wu-Lu 
  • Akinola Davies Jr. 
    Untitled (2020-10-26 at 19.49.23)
  • Yaeji 
    My Imagination = 상상
  • Riuichi Sakamoto, Robin Scott 
    The Left Bank
  • Amos & Sara 
    Urge To Cha-Cha
  • Mica Levi
    Liquorice (Feat. Relax Kevin)
  • Lush 
  • Vex Ruffin 
    Know Yourself
  • Moor Mother & Billy Woods
    Portrait Ft. Navy Blue
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto 
    A Day In The Park
  • Dazzle (Garry Hughes mix) 
    Dazzle You (Haul & Pull Up Mix)
  • Cindy 
    Never Let Me Go
  • 終着駅は始発駅
    Soichi Terada
  • Tentenko