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London, 07.05.20

DJ and illustrator Anu joins us in the studio for an hour of selections from post punk and new wave to left-field house and techno.


  • Hiroshi Yoshimura 
    Heart Land
  • Hibaq Osman
    The One I Try To Forget (Taken From ‘The Heart Is A Smashed Bulb’)
  • Veda 
    You Can Love Again
  • Kansas City Express 
    This Is The Place
  • Gloria Jay 
    Know What You Want
  • The Fascinations 
    I Can't Stay Away From You
  • Twilight (Lawrence Ross, Lyman White mix) 
    Still Loving You
  • Madeline Bell
    You’ve Got What It Takes
  • Eugene Pitt And The Jyve Fyve
    Love Is Pain
  • Howard Neal & Friends
    You're All The Woman I Need
  • Gary 
    Crazy Love Games
  • Linda Thompson 
    Lover Won't You Throw Me A Line
  • Sandra McFarlane 
    Never Love Again
  • C.J. Surge 
    Be My Love
  • Molima 
    Think'in Bout U (Dub)
  • Junko Ohashi 
    I Love You So
  • Keysha 
    Stop It!