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Architects w/ Aimée Smith - Lætitia Sadier Special

Los Angeles, 03.07.23

Lætitia Sadier has been a creative force in music for over 30 years. Most widely known as the front woman for Stereolab, she’s worked on a mountain of collaborations in a multitude of genres and has an impressive output of her own solo projects. She is a prolific writer and multi-instrumentalist and has become an inadvertent muse and influence on a whole generation of artists, musicians, and producers. But it’s her lilting and evocative voice that is arguably her most powerful instrument and vehicle for expression. A great deal of her work explores the shadow elements of politics, media, capitalism and social conditions that shape our cultural and inner personal environments and yet she manages to continuously come back to the wisdom of love and “looking more deeply into the real nature of life and death in all its complex aspect".