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Climbing Ombú w/ Arnaldo

Berlin, 20.03.18

Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo plays records on NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he owns it. He will play it.


  • Alice Coltrane
    Prema (Live)
  • KingTubby
    Raw Roots
  • General Penitentiary
    Moonlight Dub
  • Quasimodo
    Schroom Music
  • Nas 
    One Love
  • Mulatu Astatke, The Heliocentrics 
    Cha Cha
  • Yishak Banjaw 
    Libey Ma'aduley
  • Cedric Im Brooks, The Light Of Saba 
  • The Caretaker 
    Camaraderie At Arms Length
  • The Caretaker 
    The Sublime Is Disappointingly Elusive
  • Sonanze Roberto Cacciapaglia
    Side A - 3rd Movement.
  • The Book Of AM
    Evening - AM
  • Arthur Russel
    Keeping Up
  • Carter Tutti
    Cool Icon
  • Blood Orange