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Climbing Ombú w/ Arnaldo

Berlin, 01.11.17

Berlin-based Argentinian Arnaldo plays records on NTS once a month for a couple hours. If he owns it. He will play it.


  • Elodie 
    Vieux Silence
  • Transmuteo 
    Motivational Holography Suite
  • Harmonia 
    Tracks And Traces Reissue
  • Nat Birchall 
    Sacred Dimension
  • Sanza
    Sounouh - Taken From Tropical Drums Of Duetchland Comp On Music For Dreams And Co Piled By Jan Schulte Aka Wolf Muller
  • Congo Get Slap
    Mark Ernestus Remix
  • Kraftwerk 
    The Robots
  • Kraftwerk 
    Space Lab
  • The Cure (Bryan "Chuck" New mix) 
    Pictures Of You (Extended Dub Mix)
  • Jordan Gcz
    Crybaby J (Played At 33 Version)
  • Madteo
    Staumpetocrazy E.P - We Doubt (Dj Sotofett Radio Mix)
  • Odd Machine
    Phase In On N Standard Productions 2009 Max Loderbauer For Sub Bass On This
  • Floating Points
    King Brome Laid On Eglo
  • Ephemeral 
    Bridget is Her Own Self
  • Son.sine 
  • Convextion 
  • DJ Milton, DJ Slugo, DJ Deeon 
    House Werk
  • Noleian Reusse
    First Generation Ep On Bio Rhythm 22
  • Mr De.
    Shake It (Remix) Taken From Electro Funk Records Reissue
  • Etch
    Chemotaxis - Made In Lewisham 2014
  • Martyn
    Vacoover On 3024
  • Moodynann
    Lyk U Used 2