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Asher G's Caribbean Memories

London, 06.06.21

Classic Jamaican records from the "Rocksteady Daddy" Asher G.


  • Buster All Stars
    The Hunter
  • Baba Brooks 
    Special Event
  • Don Drummond, Baba Brooks Band 
    Treasure Isle
  • Skatalites
    Russian Ska Fever
  • R. Alphonso, Studio 1 Orch. 
  • Lord Creator feat. The Skatalites 
    Passing Through
  • Lord Creator
    Rhytm Of The Blues
  • Soul Brothers
    Voodo Moon
  • Jackie Mittoo, The Soul Brothers 
    Do The Boogaloo
  • Melodians
    Lets Join Together
  • Minstrels
    Yours Till Tomorrow
  • Actions
    No Bother
  • Soul Vendors
    Tropical Isle
  • John Holt 
    All By Myself
  • Viceroys
    Maga Down
  • Wailers
    Rock Sweet Rock
  • Patsy
    Love Divine
  • Roy And Enid
    He'al Have To Go
  • Roy And Enid
  • Enforced
    Forgive Me
  • Roland Alphonso 
    Feeling Fine