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Asher G's Caribbean Memories

London, 17.01.21

Classic Jamaican records from the "Rocksteady Daddy" Asher G.


  • Soul Brothers
    Cray Fish
  • Gaylads
    Tears From My Eyes
  • Wailers
    Cry To Me
  • Jackie Opel 
    The Lord Is With Me
  • Jackie Opel 
    I Am What I Am
  • Jackie Opel 
    Done With A Friend
  • Larry Marshal
    Lala ’69
  • Alton, Zoot 
  • Alton Ellis
    Desperate Lover
  • Lynn Tait & The Jets
    The Loop
  • Webber Sisters 
    Stars Above
  • Sound Dimension 
    Jamaica Underground
  • Shine And Bagga
    Promise Land
  • Winston & Rupert 
    Musically Beat
  • Sensations
    Every Day Is Just Holiday
  • Winston Shand
    Life Could Be A Dream
  • Ethiopians
    Dun Dead Already
  • Sterling, Baba Brooks Band 
    So Long
  • Baba Brooks 
    Special Event
  • Lynn Tait & The Boys 
    Storm Warning
  • Clive & Naomi, The Skatalites, Don Drummond 
    Down, Down
  • Monty, The Cyclones 
    Lazy Lou
  • Wailers
    Straight And Narrow
  • Roland Alphonso
    Nibble Foot