Assorted Sounds w/ Zac Jackson & Pablo (Fatty Fatty Phonographics)

Manchester, 10.11.19

Zac Jackson picking far and wide for a journal of genre-defying and relaxing tunes. From Italo to house, new wave and synth pop, diversity is key – music without boundaries.


  • Unknown
    X-Energy Medley
  • King Kong
    Shadows Of The Night (Instrumental)
  • Gil Silverbird
    Fool's Paradise
  • MDMT
    It's A Long Way Up
  • Sandy Anderson
    It's Over I'm Through
  • Jose Louis Gomez
  • Nora
    Questa Notte (Instrumental)
  • Nightlife Unlimited
    Peaches And Prunes
  • Fresh
    Dum Dum
  • Funkadelic
    One Nation Under A Groove
  • DJ Rahaan
  • Lenny Williams
    I Still Reach Out
  • Lil Louis
    I Called You (The Conversation)

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