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Athens of the North

Edinburgh, 18.02.21

Edinburgh based party and reissue label present rarities and classics every month.


  • Minako Yoshida (Shizuo Nomiyama mix) 
    恋は流星 Shooting Star Of Love
  • Walter Jackson 
    It's Cool
  • Jermane Jackson
    You Like Me Dont You#
  • Legal Assult
    Nice & Slow
  • Neil Larson
  • Wings Of Light 
    He Loves You
  • Jeryl Brazil 
    Mean That Much
  • Leroy Hutson 
    Love To Hold You Close
  • Norman Conners
    Be There In The Morning
  • Eddie Russ 
  • Charlie Clemons
    The Devil
  • Impulse 
    I Really Love You
  • Bennie Braxton 
    Come To Me