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Athens of the North

Edinburgh, 19.03.20

Edinburgh based party and reissue label present rarities and classics every month.


  • Steve Parks 
    Still Thinking Of You (Vocal)
  • James Brown 
    Never Can Say Goodbye
  • Marvin Gaye 
    Dark Side Of The World
  • Felecia Johnson 
    The Dreamer
  • Gil Scott-Heron 
    Legend In His Own Mind
  • Milton Wright 
    The Silence That You Keep
  • Steven And Foster
    I Want To Be Love
  • Michael Profit
    Body Fusion
  • Dreeick Cross
    Never Too Much
  • Rivage 
    All My Love For You
  • Marvin Gaye 
    It's A Desperate Situation
  • East Coast Love Affair 
    Don't Be Afraid
  • Linkwood & Other Lands
    Them For City
  • Mary Love 
    Come Out Of The Sandbox
  • Rivage 
    Strung Out On Your Love