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Athens of the North

Edinburgh, 21.01.21

Edinburgh based party and reissue label present rarities and classics every month.


  • Loose Ends 
    Choose Me
  • Gems For Jem 
    Even When You're Gone
  • Leninha 
    Sempre Malandro
  • Tashan 
    Got The Right Attitude
  • Ardijah 
    Your Love Is Blind (Radio Mix)
  • Gene Dunlop
    It's Just The Way I Feel
  • Coast To Coast 
    Paula Marie
  • Mary Love
    Come Out Of The Sandbox (ECLA EDIT)
  • The Sister Love
    Give Me Your Love
  • Manhattans 
  • Earl Young 
    Take Them In Prayer
  • Midnight Love 
    Mama's Baby Boy
  • Debra Laws 
    On My Own