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Awkward Movements

London, 26.11.12

Your fortnightly post-rave batch of electronic goodness and live music, with an experimental angle taken taken from around the world. Keith P and Paul Ackroyd dig through their ever growing collections of wax / tapes / digital, and share their favourite selections of the good, the rad and the buggly.


  • NHK'Koyxen 
  • Andy Stott 
    Up The Box
  • DJ Lhasa 
    DJ Lhasa Free Samples #2
  • Fennesz 
    Fa 2012
  • Lee Gamble 
    Coma Skank (BinocConverge Mix)
  • Kane Ikin 
  • Unit Moebius Anonymous
    SD23 B
  • Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox
  • Vindicatrix 
  • Alafur Arnalds
    Endalaus II
  • Pye Corner Audio 
    Palais Spectres
  • Raime 
    Your Cast Will Tire
  • Lingouf 
    Terre De Pierre