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Woodgrain w/ Baadnews - Captain Murphy Special

London, 08.06.20

Focus on Captain Murphy

Dennis a.k.a BAADNEWS specialises in selections ranging from new wave electronics, lo-fi hip-hop, downtempo house and everything in-between. Also a member of the wider music and production group, Woodgrain Vicious.


  • OPA (Kerry McNabb mix) 
    Pieces: Tombo/La Escuela/Tombo/The Last Goodbye
  • Christine Perfect 
    And That's Saying A Lot
  • Thomas East 
    Slippin' Around
  • Cameo 
    Rigor Mortis
  • Marlena Shaw 
    Sweet Beginnings
  • Jaiye Aap Kahan Jayenge
    Mere Sanam
  • A Estos Hombres Tristes
  • To Wes
    I Gres
  • Jay Electronica
    Dear Moleskine
  • Captain Murphy 
    Hovercrafts And Cows
  • Donovan 
    Oh Gosh
  • Ecstacy, Passion & Pain
    Born To Loose You
  • Bolder Damn 
    Dead Meat
  • Mutantes 
    Ave, Lúcifer
  • Louise Huebner
    Seduction Through Witchcraft-Introduction-Gods