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Bala Club w/ Kamixlo & x/o

London, 10.03.16

With Kamixlo, Katie Vick, x/o

Kamixlo, Katie Vick and guests gun the diabolic soundwaves twelve nights a year. Skewed global sounds - get to know the Bala Club.


  • Killavesi & Il Uk
    Don't Look At Me
  • Hi Tom
    Still Got Cash
  • El Mega
    Dame Me Bande (Zakematic Hard Trance Remix)
  • Yung Lean Ft Blade
    Hocus Pocus
  • Kamixlo 
  • Rules 
    Take Me Hate Me
  • Yayayonou
  • UV AC
    Halo Halo
  • Kevin Gates 
    2 Phones
  • SKYHi
    All I Ever
  • Ppk
    Ppk Dinamrca
  • Wench 
  • X/O
    Guest Mix