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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 24.09.14

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Simone Gatto (Orlando Voorn mix) 
    The Way of Life (Orlando Voorn dub mix)
  • BLD
    Shore.BLD Tape Recordings
  • BLD
    Broken Speaker.BLD Tape Recordings
  • Abstract Matters
    Neighbours 2.Cynosure
  • Shanti Celeste
    Porto Seguro.Boardwalk
  • Earl Jeffers
  • Earl Jeffers
    Intergalactic Jam.4Lux
  • Norm Talley
    Mid-Nite Madd-Ness.Tsuba
  • Paul Johnson
    Energy.Dance Mania
  • Ben Sims Presents Ron Bacardi
    Move Dat Ting.Unreleased
  • QY
    Biano.Roundabout Sounds
  • Chris Hanna
    Moonshine.Extended Play
  • Markus Suckut 
    Turn On
  • Corcos
    Reliable Instrumental Immatool.Bosconi
  • Nikola Gala
  • Karenn
  • Cleric
    Sangha.Ear To Ground
  • Makaton
    Mark Broom Edit 2.Unreleased
  • D_Func
    Lost Sines/Symbolism Edit.Symbolism
  • Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
    Symmetrical.Indigo Aera
  • Marco Bailey
    Railways/Woo York Remix.MB Electronics
  • Hector Oaks
    Splitted Mind.Key Vinyl
  • MRSK
    Hurry Up.Skudge
  • Chicago Skyway
    Ride.Machining Dreams
  • Leskin
  • Fulbert 
    Clouds Of...
  • Par Grindvik
    Help Me Shiver.Stockholm LTD
  • Rodhad
  • Mark Morris/Unam Zetineb
    Mano 008.Mano
  • Rumah, Progression 
  • Alphadrum
    Micro Signal.Unreleased
  • Tripeo (Ben Sims mix) 
    Anipintiros #5 (Ben Sims Remix)
  • ANdrea
    Draine.Ilian Tape
  • Yan Cook
    Bell.Dynamic Reflection
  • Marco Bailey
    Blizzard.MB Electronics
  • Stevie P
  • Jay Daniel
    Who Taught You Octagon? NDATL Special
  • Roy Davis Jr
    Broken Machines.Clone Jack For Daze
  • Jitterbug
  • Ricky Tinez 
  • ASOK 
    Millennium 2.2
  • Myriadd (John Heckle mix) 
    The Way We Were (John Heckle Remix)
  • Sunil Sharpe 
    Jamm 1
  • The Exaltics
    The New Beginning.Shiprec
  • Leskin
    MonkeyTrack 2/Elpingon RRR-Remix.Unrelated
  • J Tijn
    Dive V2.Unreleased
  • K Alexi Shelby
    We Can Never/Edit.Soundcloud Free Download
  • Truncate
    WRKTRX 5.Unreleased
  • Planetary Assault Systems
    Gated/Ben Sims 2015 Edit.Unreleased
  • Vohkinne
    Creole Rhythm/Tripeo Remix.Atrophic Society
  • Andrea
    Clouds.Ilian Tape
  • Befomo 
    Hugs From The D