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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 28.03.21

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • ItaloJohnson 
  • Xander
    Do It. Inmotion
  • CS13
    Mazz Jataz. Uncage
  • Grad U
    Dancefloor Is Dangerous. Redscale
  • Grad U
    Siren. Redscale
  • ASEC (Temudo mix) 
    High Tool (Temudo Remix)
  • Rene Wise
    Hollow. SK Eleven
  • Nicolas Vogler
    Thirty. Secession
  • DJ Rush (Rush mix) 
    I Like It Like This (Rush Classic Mix)
  • MASC Feat Fast Eddie
    Rise Up (Inst). Food Music
  • Dj Bruce Lee 
    Pussy Bonus Tool
  • DJ Rush
    Let Me Hear You. Rave The Planet
  • Thomas Hostler
    Astanavista. Primitive State
  • Rob Strobe
    Optimal Power Flow. Motech
  • Humagn
    Yaya. Coded Platform
  • Patrick Siech, Sandra Mosh 
    Square Side
  • Dj Bruce Lee 
  • Cailin 
  • Son of Philip (Actress mix) 
    Rubber Stamp (Actress Remix)
  • Albert Chiovenda
    Different Level Of Human. EVOD
  • S-File
    Distant Land. GND
  • Kareem Smith
    Flight Risk. UKR
  • William Arist (Hemka mix) 
    Allure (Hemka Remix)
  • Mike Storm
    One Color (Deniro Remix 2). Symbolism
  • Kr!Z
    Helix. Unreleased
  • PTTRN 
    Disappear 3
  • Freak G
    Stavro. SQNC
  • Milo Raad
    Mood Swings. Unreleased
  • VHS
    Espera. Oecus
  • Robert Hood 
  • Marcal
    Droste Effect. Rekids
  • Inox Traxx 
    Small Talk
  • Amorphic
    A25. Unreleased
  • Mark Broom 
    The Three Swords
  • Subradeon 
  • Rene Wise & Rødhåd
  • S-File
    Destination Unknown.Unreleased
  • Marcal
    Good Things. Rekids
  • Jacobworld
    Kroam. Secession
  • Hemka 
  • Deniro 
  • Head Front Panel 
  • Head Front Panel 
  • Oliver Rosemann
    Chinese Water Torture. Recorded Things
  • Lewis Fautzi 
    Another Try
  • A Thousand Details
    Red October Hunt. Faut Section
  • Inox Traxx 
    House Of Wax
  • Oscar Mulero 
    Espectro Rojo
  • Aiken
    Justice Of Innocents. Key+
  • Bebhionn 
    Degenerate Matter
  • Bryan Chapman
    The Warrior Child. EPM
  • Head Front Panel
    Tonedance. Repetive Rhythm Research
  • NWHR
    Teoria 3 . West Rules
  • DJ Surgeles 
    Donkere Ruimte
  • James Ruskin 
    Hang Up
  • Planetary Secrets
    Guatemala Dreams. Loose Fit
  • Placid Angles 
    Beauty Begins With Us