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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 12.09.21

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Choleric
    In Half Light
  • Talismann 
  • Marcal
  • Alexander Johansson 
  • T KODE (Nørbak mix) 
    Contatto (Nørbak Remix)
  • Truncate (Planetary Assault Systems mix) 
    First Phase (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
  • Fixon 
    Gloomy Eyes
  • Linear System
    Unreleased 08
  • Milo Raad 
    Bad Luck
  • Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell
    Sinnesorgan V
    Grain Chamber
  • Nørbak 
    The Last Question
  • Stanislav Lavskyy 
  • Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell
    Sinnesorgan IV
  • Jeroen Search 
    A Nuclear Propelled Spacecraft
  • Linear System 
    Space Exploration Part 19
  • Milo Raad
    Mood Swings
  • P.G.Alvar
    Supermassive Black Hole
  • Marcal
    Manta Ray
  • Elio Riso, Vikthor 
    Soul & Trip
  • Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell
    Sinnesorgan V 5
  • Marcel Reix
    Stay Focused
  • Stier
    New Way
  • Elyas, Hemissi 
  • Staffan Linzatti 
    The Chase
  • Hemissi 
  • Truncate
    First Phase (PAS Jam 2)
  • William Arist (Fossil Archive, Roberto mix) 
    Desire (Fossil Archive aka Roberto Remix)