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Ben Sims Presents: Run It Red

London, 04.03.18

With Ben Sims

‘Run it Red’ sees bona fide techno legend Ben Sims showcases 2 hrs of the finest new house and techno he can lay his hands on.


  • Thor 
    Garden Of Corrosion
  • STL 
    Intergalactic Quantum Web
  • STL 
    Monkey Island
  • Ohm & Kvadrant
    Grib. Thule
  • Noleian Reusse (Paul West mix) 
    Cahokia (Paul West Mutant Jack Dub)
  • Sergie Rezza
    Monta - Sergie Rezza
  • Vinalog 
    London Cassette Mix
  • Marquis Hawkes feat. Jocelyn Brown 
    I'm So Glad (Satisfied Mix)
  • Anthony Fade
    Higher. Sloth Boogie Editz
  • Mike Servito, Justin Cudmore 
    Juice Boxx
  • Mad Rey 
    In My House No 6
  • Adryiano 
    Move It, Move It
  • Adryiano 
    Me and You and Her
  • Keita Sano 
    Key Of The Night
  • Amir Alexander 
    Blessed Are The Meek !
  • dJJ 
  • dJJ 
  • Lucretio 
    Alternate Current
  • Matrix (Detroit Swindle mix) 
    Get Out (Detroit Swindle Remix)
  • Mayudepth 
  • Mistaken Identity
    Status. Unreleased
  • Jasper Wolff, Maarten Mittendorff 
  • Troy 
  • Phase
    Microdose. Token
  • TWR72 
    Juicy Grey
  • Stef Mendesidis 
  • ReAxis
    Stillness. TMR
  • William Arist (Hemka mix) 
    Allure (Hemka Remix)
  • Robert Hood 
  • Paula Cazenave
    Crazy Trip (Ben Sims Remix). Combine Audio
  • Stef Mendesidis
    Untitled. Unreleased
  • Maxx Rossi (Orlando Voorn, Subject One mix) 
    Automacid (Orlando Voorn & Subject One Remix)
  • Nu Pressure
    Annex (Roberto Remix). Motech
  • Phase
    Search Party. Token
  • Linear Straight (Jeroen Search mix) 
    Rotational Velocity (Jeroen Search Remix 1)
  • Nima Khak (Cari Lekebusch mix) 
    Reality Surpasses Fiction (Cari Lekebusch Remix)
  • Hiroaki Iizuka 
  • Kamikaze Space Programme 
  • Modeus
    I Make Rise. Tru Type
  • Cleric 
    Tag X
  • Paula Cazenave
    Picky Pigeons (Ben Sims Remix). Combine Audio
  • Pushmann (Pacou mix) 
    Black Code (Pacou Remix)
  • Endlec 
    Path Of The Brave
  • Noncompliant 
  • Project 223 
    Tell Me
  • Dimi Angelis
    Fluid Shifts. Angls
  • Taraval
    No Coast. Hyercolour
  • Albert Chiovenda
    Grace. IF?
  • Echelon
    003/A1. Echelon
  • Tensal 
  • A.Morgan 
  • J
    T Kyrke - Taste The Shame. A.R.T
  • Robert Hood 
    Low Life
  • Ben Long (Umek mix) 
    Potential 002 (Umek Remix)
  • Oliver Way (Ben Sims mix) 
    Lucky Dip (Ben Sims Remix)
  • Shlomi Aber 
    The Rooter
  • Function 
    Norfolk Street Acid
  • Maximillian Nyle
    Frenetic. Utopian
  • Rèdacs (Najel Monteiro mix) 
    Dead Cloud (Najel Monteiro Remix)
  • Danny Isola 
    With You In Space
  • Mel (I-Robots mix) 
    Cut #1-2 (I-Robots Organ Reconstruction)
  • Andrea 
  • Jayson Wynters
    One Hundred And Forty. Don’t Be Afraid
  • Call Super 
    Black Octagons
  • Ashtar Lavanda 
  • The Mover