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Bergsonist & Acamol

New York, 18.05.24

With Bergsonist

Bergsonist is a musician originally from Morocco based in NYC. Genre-free sonic explorations with occasional conversations/guest mixes featuring inspiring artists.


  • 0:00:08
    Fact Mix 750 - Bergsonist (Mar '20)
  • --:--
    James Hoff
    The Lowest Form Of Getting High
  • 0:05:10
    Mourad Belouadi
    Kalimba Improv 2
  • Tim Koh, Sun An 
    Moments Of Joy
  • Tim Koh & Sun An
    How They Made It
  • a.s.o. 
    Falling Under
  • Bergsonist 
    Gaza Border Violence
  • Matrixman
    Preset Mobb
  • La Ola Criminal 
    Sin Gas
  • Sammy 
    Tu Daana
  • Bergsonist
    0 Dancetouch
  • Dua Lipa
    Illusion (Unofficial Remix Bergsonist Du3a For Gaza)
  • Air 7a7a, Alma Fifty Cent & Sadat El Alaamy
    Against Harassment
  • Orchestre Tahour
    Unknown Track
  • I Love NY Jungle
    Big Apple Rinse
  • Acamol
  • 1.Acamol
    Mishnasi (Working Title)
  • 2.Acamol
    Untitled 1 (Working Title Too Bassy)
  • 3.Acamol
    Untitled 2 (Working Title Slowed)
  • 4.Acamol X Anas Abu-Jlaydan + Ameen Abu Rwaida + Ahmad Abu Rwaida
    Live Cuts Rehearsal At 3azeez Ghali (Bass Boosted)
  • 5.Acamol
    Tiklakesh (Working Title)
  • 6.Acamol
    Babelbeit(Ft. Julmud, Abul3ees, Haykal)
  • 7.Acamol
  • 8.Acamol X Rajawi Casablanca
    Untitled 3 (Working Title)
  • 9.Acamol X Sarya
    Live Cuts Bushwick
  • 10.Acamol
    Zee7 (Working Title)