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Bump City w/ Billy Goods & Yamagucci

Los Angeles, 05.05.23

Funkmosphere resident Billy Goods heads up a 2 hour slot, live and direct from our LA studio.


  • Freestyle LTD.
  • S.O.S. Band 
    Take Your Time (Do It Right)
  • Rondenion 
    Tokyo Story
  • Soulphixion
    Jump Off The Bandwagon
  • Moodymann 
    Pray 4 Love
  • Kyle Hall
    Technically Deep
  • Fingers Inc. 
    Never No More Lonely
  • Kashif 
    Help Yourself To My Love
  • Skyy 
    Show Me The Way
  • Firefly 
    Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side (Remix Version)
  • One Way, Al Hudson 
  • DJ Krush 
    Dig This Vibe
  • Kenny Dixon Jr.
    Long Hot Sexy Nights
  • DJ Food 
    Pt 5 - Time's Up
  • Virtual Dreams
    Music From Memory
  • Map Of Africa 
    Get Outta Bed
  • Shadow Records
    Big City Lover
  • DJ Krush
    Uncut Product
  • Montana 
    Warp Factor 2