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Black Classical - History of Spiritual Jazz Part 4

Manchester, 03.09.16

Themed and comprehensive voyages into the depths of jazz from the mind of Black Classical.


  • The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe
  • Shamek Farrah, Sonelius Smith 
    The World Of The Children
  • The Descendants Of Mike And Phoebe
    Two Songs For A Boy Named Mark
  • Haki R. Madhubuti Medasi
    Pyramids To Projects
  • Letta Mbulu
  • Lon Moshe & Southern Freedom Arkestra 
    Love Is Where The Spirit Lies
  • Don Cherry
  • The Watts Prophets 
    I'll Stop Calling You Niggers
  • Penderecki, Don Cherry, The New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra 
    Daisy McKee
  • Don Cherry & Eternal Orchestra
    Penderecki Actions
  • Stanley Crouch 
    Ain't No Ambulances For No Nigguhs Tonight (Part I)
  • Don Ellis 
    Mirror-Pond Of Stars
  • Lester Bowie
  • Marc Levin 
    Twilight Dance
  • Nathan Davis
    Poem For Martin Luther King
  • Dave Lee Jr
    The Freedom Bells
  • Roy Campbell
    Pyramid Trio Imhotep
  • The Village Poet
    Blackman My Brother
  • Mombassa
  • Mombassa
  • The Village Poet
    Social Narcotics
  • Art Blakey 
    Elephant Walk
  • Horace Silver 
    Message From Kenya
  • M'Boom feat. Freddie Waits, Joe Chambers, Max Roach, Omar Clay, Roy Brooks, Warren Smith 
    Inner Passion
  • Mike Knock
  • Coalition 
    Kenya's Horizon
  • Hannibal, The Sunrise Orchestra 
  • Airto Encontro
    No Bar
  • Art Ensemble Of Chicago 
    Certain Blacks "Do What They Wanna"