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Black Impulse: April Fools w/ Dan Lyons

London, 10.04.21

From 10 till midnight, Black Impulse’s shows are packed with transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.


  • Big Black 
  • Frank Zappa 
    Dancing Fool
  • Ty Segal
    Everyone Is A Winner
  • Butthole Surfers 
    Dancing Fool
  • Casual Sect 
    Hard Om
  • Frogs
    I’ve Got Drugs
  • Ween 
    Captain Fantasy
  • Dan Lyons
    Subsurburbia 1
  • Fat White Family
    Without Consent
  • Gnod 
    They Live
  • Ved 
    The Embrace Of The Oarfish
  • Urdog 
    Zombie Cloud
  • Dijnn
    Creator Of Creation
  • Hey Colossus feat. Mark Lanegan 
    The Mirror
  • Holy Family
    Inward Turning Suns
  • Deep Purple
    You Aren't Fooling No-One
  • Maggot Heart 
  • Johnny Halifax
    Normality Nihilator Bluus
  • Nina Van Peeples
    I Pity The Fool
  • Dan Lyons 
  • Insecure Men 
    Subaru Nights
  • Claw Marks 
    Soul Food
  • Sorry 
  • Dany Lyons
    Golden Handshake
  • Rolling Stones 
    Fool To Cry (Other Version)
  • Dijnn
    Sun Ooze