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Black Impulse

London, 22.08.15

From 10 till midnight, Black Impulse’s shows are packed with transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.


  • Blown Out 
    Drifting Way Out Between Suns
  • Ya Flo Wha
    Manificence In The Memory (Nam Yo Ho Renge Kyo)
  • Parva 
    Mosem-e Gol
  • Pink Floyd 
    Remember A Day
  • The Astroid 4
    What A Way To Go
  • The Sea
    Ders - Undercidedly
  • Saigon Rock & Soul
    Mat Troi Den (Black Sun)
  • Those Shocking, Shaking Days
    Freedom Of Rhapsodia 'Freedom'
  • Fuzz Bananas
    Marisa Rossi
  • Saigon Rock & Soul
    Kho Tang Cua Chung Ta
  • Drakkar
    Chhkuot Cheet Thbet Snae Onn
  • The Eletric Crayon Set
    Dream Police
  • God Bullies 
    What Are You Looking For
  • Chrome 
    Fire Bomb
  • Nigeria Special
    The Nigerian Police Force Band (The Force 7)
  • The Continent Lashes Back
    I Saw A Girl
  • Guantanamo Baywatch 
    Jungle Bride
  • Fungi Girls 
    All Night Blues
  • Dirt Dress 
    Stray Cats
  • Traffic Sound 
    You Can't Win
  • Hopwind
    Orgone Accumluator
  • Scorpions 
    Robot Man
  • David Bowie 
    She Shook Me Cold
  • Dead Ghosts 
    Tea Swamp Rumble
  • Holy Wave 
    Albuquerque Freakout
  • The Holydrug Couple 
    Follow Your Way
  • Gong 
    Cat In Clark's Shoes