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Black Impulse

London, 08.06.19

From 10 till midnight, Black Impulse’s shows are packed with transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.


  • Jacula 
  • Obiekty 
  • Igor Wakhevitch 
    The Roarer, The Entity Of Darkness - The Guardian Of The West
  • Reynols 
    Acid Mothers Temple & Reynols: Burning The Sun, Gently
  • 芸能山城組 
    Dark Slumber
  • SabaSaba 
  • Efrim Menuck, Kevin Doria 
    Do The Police Embrace
  • Alameda 5 
    Dias Melhores
  • Universal Languages
    Inside A Feline Mind
  • Metro Crowd 
    Gas In A Wagon
  • Plastic Crimewave Syndicate 
    Pierce The Veil (Jasper\s Last Freak)
  • Glaze Of Cathexis
    Sixteen Lamps
  • Chad Taylor
    Simon Miller Kalimba
  • Gnoomes 
  • Daphne Oram 
  • Unity 
    Rollin Five Years
  • Bantou Mentale
    Mama Ho!
  • Spirit 
    Mechanical World
  • Big Brave 
    Holding Pattern
  • Girl Sweat
    Box Opener
  • Uniform 
    Alone In The Dark
  • Cell 
    Play To Win
  • Minima 
  • John 
    Future Thinker
  • Rush 
    The Temples Of Syrinx