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Blank Forms: The Heat Decides Everything with Tyler Maxin

New York, 16.03.24

An adhoc travelog through Texas’s wide open spaces, from the sultry humid air of San Antonio to the dusty high plains of Lubbock County. Howling winds, rustling tumbleweeds, creaking windmills, and prairie dog towns, a state dense and sparse at the same time. This non-exhaustive survey borrows its name from a verselet by self-anointed Dallas poet laureate Robert Trammell (1938-2006), whose writings have included a short story cycle about a nondescript Metroplex dive bar and a secret history of nightclub owner Jack Ruby’s correspondence with Joseph Beuys.

Jerry Hunt, a lifelong Texan whose prolific career was the subject of an extended Blank Forms study, weaves in and out of the mix: his own mesmeric composition “Cantegral Segment(s) 17.18,” elegies from his friends Jane Henry and Larry Austin, and the works of the young University of North Texas composers that he inspired, BL Lacerta and Rodney Waschka II.


  • Tózé Ferreira 
    More Adult Music
  • Ned Sublette And The Southwesteners
    Rye Whiskey
  • Jane Henry
    The Chip Is Down (Jerry Goes To Glory)
  • Philip Krumm, "Blue" Gene Tyranny 
  • Terry Allen & The Panhandle Mystery Band
    Bleeder (Chapter 2) (Excerpt)
  • BL Lacerta
    Novena For Quetzacoatl
  • Alvin Crow And The Pleasant Valley Boys
    Chains On Me
  • Robert Trammell
    We Came Out Of The Night
  • Jerry Hunt 
    Cantegral Segment 18.17
  • Maggi Payne 
  • Conni Hancock, The Supernatural Family Band 
    I Wasn't Born To Cry
  • Larry Austin
    JerryHunt, From SoundPoemSet (1990–91)
  • Freda And The Firedogs 
    The Only Thing Missing Is You
  • Rodney Waschka, II 
    A Note, A Poem, Rangeau E Quebrou
  • Tózé Ferreira 
    More Adult Music