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Blank Forms: One or Many Pipe

New York, 17.02.24

In this jaunt through reeds and tubing, we follow Anton Bruhin’s claim that the trümpi is a synthesizer, tune into oscillations from Ethiopia and New Guinea, and meditate on Scelsi’s proto-synthetic arrangements for voice based on ondioline improvisations. Other highlights include Scelsi’s former associate Dary John Mizelle’s “Polytempus II” for synthesizer and percussion, as well as selections from James Rushford’s forthcoming album Turzets (Blank Forms Editions) combining organ and digital voice synthesis.


  • Anton Bruhin 
    Solo Improvisation
  • James Rushford
    Fallaway Whisk (Excerpt)
  • Tshetsha Boys 
    Nwa Pfundla
  • Recorded In Damaindeh-Bau, Finisterre Range From Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea
    Momo Resonating Tubes
  • Michiko Hirayama
    Sauh–Giacinto Scelsi
  • Dary John Mizelle 
    Polytempus II
  • James Rushford
    Quire (Excerpt)
  • Chaitanya Hari Deuter
    Kundalini Meditation Music (First Stage)
  • Unknown Artist (From Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru)
  • Anton Bruhin 
    Maultrommel Und Sprache