Live now

Bleep w/ CJ Mirra

London, 14.09.16

Bleep staff members are joined by a special guest each month to present 2 hours of upfront sounds coming direct from the HQ - with a wide spectrum encompassing house, techno, grime, drone, ambient, guitars and electronics.


  • Holger Czukay, Rolf Dammers 
  • Thor Tsymbrovsky
    Come Angel
  • Bread Woman
    Ee Che
  • The Shaggs 
    Philosophy Of The World
  • Human Scab
    Mining The Radiation
  • Jana Winderen 
    Mae Taeng
  • Chris Watson
    Oceanus Pacificus
  • William Basinski
    Water Music
  • Kirk Spencer 
    Upsides (3D)
  • LA Priest 
    Gene Washes With New Arm
  • CJ Mirra
    Are You Romantic
  • Sitra 
    Listen, The Wind Has Something To Say
  • Doctor Oetker 
    Earliest Bowlful
  • Amusements Parks On Fire
    So Mote It Be
  • Moluk Zarrabi
    Let No One Judge You
  • Keaver Brawse
    Livfe Part 2 (Unreleased)
  • C418 
    Subwoofer Lullaby
  • Sea Mercy
  • Thunder Tillman 
    Exact Location Of The Soul
  • Mount Accord
    A Widening Rift
  • SK Kakraba 
  • From Scratch 
    "Out In" (part 1)
  • Ánde Somby 
    Gufihttar - Underworld Fairie
  • Tomaga 
    The Shape Of The Dance
  • The Chi Factory 
    Part Two
  • El Mahdy Jr. 
    Side A
  • Anthony Child 
    The Chief
  • Biosphere 
    Free From The Bondage You Are In
  • Mica Levi & Oliver Coates
    Barok Mein
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Suzanne Ciani