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Bloodz Boi

BEIJING, 31.08.22

Underground legend Bloodzboi leaves untold emotions in sounds. Broadcast from Beijing on a Tuesday every month.


  • Bod [包家巷]
    Bloodz Boi 血男孩
  • Dj Bingo
    Comforting Dissociation
  • Klein
    All Of Us
  • Astrid Øster Mortensen 
    Solen Er Et Lille Hus
  • Silvia Kastel 
  • Several Wives 
    The Blonde Brother Tape [side Two]
  • Seisuke Dohi
    The Past Days (Live Recording)
  • Houston & Dorsey
    Ebb Tide
  • Uli K
    6 Feet Under (Unplugged
  • Slow Meadow 
    Adorned In Ribbons
  • Celer 
    In The Middle Of The Moving Field
  • Warmth 
    Burning Moon
  • JAB 
    "Chanterai Por Mon Coraige"
  • Kaho Matsui
    Dream Of Me