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Blue Screen w/ Amar & Charlie Fox - Heathers

London, 14.03.23

Amar invites writer & artist Charlie Fox to present music from the same universe as macabre high school flick "Heathers".

TW: mention of suicide and violence.


  • Extract
    Everytime They Say Heathers
  • David Newman (Tim Boyle mix) 
    Strip Croquet
  • Extract
    David Newman On Heathers Score
  • The Shangri-Las 
    Give Him A Great Big Kiss
  • Charli XCX 
    Vroom Vroom
  • David Newman (Tim Boyle mix) 
    Veronica's Shower
  • Extract
    Dialogue From Heathers
  • James Ferraro 
    Linden Dollars
  • Curve 
    Horror Head
  • Art Of Noise 
    Moments In Love
  • David Newman (Tim Boyle mix) 
    Martha Dumptruck
  • Aphex Twin 
    Goon Gumpas
  • The Replacements 
    The Ledge
  • Salvia Palth 
    I Was All Over Her
  • David Newman
    You’re Beautiful
  • Extract
    Death Scenes From Heathers
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain 
    Sometimes Always