Live now

Body Motion w/ Jay Glass Dubs

London, 26.05.17

With Jay Glass Dubs

The signal is strong, send to all. Widegaze, post-beat, freneticisms and hoover – Body Motion plugs in sideways to decode one layer of cogent reality at a time. Parallel paradigms, monthly on NTS1


  • Kenlou 
    The Bounce
  • Sensurreal 
    Principia Symbolica
  • Thomas Brinkmann 
  • Thomas Brinkmann 
    Cheap Little Rat
  • Forest Drive West 
  • Karma 
    Pyramid Sound
  • Roses Club 
    Que Siga La Fiesta
  • New Guinea Sound 
    Te Quiero Puta
  • Format 
    Deep Sleep
  • Mica Levi, Oliver Coates 
    I'll Keep Going
  • Second Woman
    Unknown Track
  • Lil B 
    All Women
  • Heavenly Music Corporation 
    Cloudless Light
  • Mars89 
  • Jay Glass Dubs & ?????? ?????
    Unknown Track
  • DJ Cirofox 
  • Unknown Artist
    Hymne For The Muse Of Creta
  • Alejandro Viñao 
    An Imaginary Orchestrina
  • Jay Glass Dubs W/ ??
    ??????? ??? ??? ????? Version
  • YLTCU 
    Back To The Future
  • Jay Glass Dubs W/ Spliftan
    Unknown Track
  • Ice_Eyes
    Foundation W
  • O$VMV$M
  • Coby Sey 
    Seed (Our Cells Meet)
  • Larry Gus
    Activation Of S
  • Bonebrokk 
    Choose Ur Illusion (Jay Glass Dubs Version)
  • Right Knider
    Raumschiff Platenbau