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Boom Bip

Los Angeles, 15.06.21

With Boom Bip

Lex Records artist Boom Bip scrapes beneath the surface of the status quo by loosely basing his mixes on electronics and the new waves they produce.


  • Gruff Rhys Interview
    Do’s And Don’t Edit
  • Boom Bip, Gruff Rhys 
    Do's And Don'ts
  • Boom Bip 
  • Boom Bip 
    Girl Toy
  • Jeff Byron Interview
  • Boom Bip 
    Red Room
  • Boom Bip
    Jennifer (Faust Cover)
  • Boom Bip
  • Kenneth Holland Interview
    Dumb Day
  • Boom Bip
    Aplomb Live
  • Boom Bip
    Mark Ain’t (Unreleased Demo)
  • Boom Bip
    Anok (Unreleased Demo)
  • Marty Sataman Interview
    Soft And Open
  • Boom Bip 
    The Matter (Of Our Discussion)
  • Boom Bip
    One Eye Around The Warm Corner