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Boom Bip

Los Angeles, 30.11.20

With Boom Bip

Lex Records artist Boom Bip scrapes beneath the surface of the status quo by loosely basing his mixes on electronics and the new waves they produce.


  • Ulla Straus 
    I Forgot to Take a Picture
  • Pilar Zeta, Jimmy Edgar
    Say Hay
  • Foodman 
    Tokai Desu
  • Miyako Koda 
  • Giant Claw 
    Deep Thoughts 002
  • Carl Stone 
  • Kate NV
    Bells Burp
  • Iona Fortune 
    Kūn 坤
  • Cate Le Bon 
    Here It Comes Again
  • Joseph Shabason And Ben Gunning